he idea of the Improbable Tales came to me a few years ago: What if the Beauty was ignored and dismissed by the man she loves? What if the beast was in fact a monster that should disappear? What if the tales took an improbable turn like life often does?
And so, I started writing those tales, mixing a modern factor with a fantasy side because there is no denying life has a form of magic to it; because Life often takes an improbable path to teach us a lesson, and because we all live in some kind of tale only waiting to be narrated or written.

Some of those tales are not quite stories yet, only mere thoughts that might lead to one, one day, but I decided to share those with you too.
While trying to understand the meaning of life, or more exactly the meaning I would like to give to mine, I have been trying to focus especially on the Sense of Loss and the Sense of Love. You might find that these are the common themes binding all my stories. In any case, I hope you find my reflection interesting; and as I put my heart into the words I laid down, I hope to reach yours.