Valérie Loquet-Destaillats


ear Reader, 

I created this website to share my writing with the world (for a lack of a better word for it). I never aimed to include a portion about who I am, to me this is a love story, the love I have for stories and words. Regardless, I would like to share a bit of me – beyond my stories – with you, who took the time to click on this “about the Author” section.

I fell in love with stories before I could even read. My mother would read – or sometimes invent – one for me every night. I was one of those lucky kids. Then as soon I learnt how to read, my passion grew. At first, I would try to read books too advanced for my age to impress my mother, then I would just read to travel, or quench my thirst for words, to feed my own imagination. Throughout my childhood, I lived many lives through books and traveled many countries from the comfort of my family’s home in Brittany (France). Is it what inspired me to seek adventure by going to study abroad? Hard to tell, but as I reached my nineteenth birthday, I was afflicted by a form of melancholia, a boredom nothing seemed to be able to shake. Ah, the torments of a child asked to be an adult! The question “what do I want to be when I grow up?” seemed to require an immediate answer. I had none. Was I an adult yet? A grown-up? It did not make sense! And so, I decided to study International Relations and International Law in Montreal, because the World had to be bigger than the small part I grew in. I could say that this was all I ever wanted to do, but it was not. The truth is that I thought moving to another country sounded adventurous and “cool”, that it would give me an edge, and of course I was lucky enough to be able to do it. It was also my “Saving Grace” and resonated with me in a manner nothing had before. Little did I know that what was supposed to be a three-year stay in Montreal would become what now feels like a lifetime of opportunities to grow.

Montreal is my home, the place I finally became myself. It is still a work in progress and my writing probably reflects that fact. Most days I feel blessed, because I know I am here – like everyone of us – to learn. And some days, the darkness surrounds me. Those days, I am blessed too because it inspires me in different ways, because as soon as I start to write I feel guided and supported.

I fell in love with stories before I could even read. My mother would read – or sometimes invent – one for me every night.

I once read in the Secrets of the Universe, that the Universe’s only goal is to make us happy as long as we can express our needs. After reading this, I closed my eyes to define mine, and as unoriginal as it may sound, three words came to mind: “learn, love, write”.

Thank you for your interest, and if you want to know more, please check out my Improbable Tales, I poured my heart in every one of them.

With Love,