(In French) La Belle et l’Indifférent

The Beauty is loved and admired by each and everyone in the Kingdom of the Beast. Each and everyone? It would seem that this not completely true, since an impudent man dares to refuse her his affection and even his attention. Yet, the Indifferent is the one to whom the Beauty wants to offer her impetuous heart. What does she know about love? Is this a whim for which she would be willing to put her health and that of those she loves in danger? What fate could be crueller than that of not existing in the eyes of the one she loves? The Beauty and the Indifferent will soon discover it.

However, the Beauty and her Indifferent will not be alone to face the shadow that their attitude, on their heads, will have invoked. Thus, the reader will meet the Beast, the Witch, the Dragon, the Sage, sirens and many other characters who will be part of our heroes’ destiny, some trying to divert them from their quest, some trying to help them.

The Beauty and the Indifferent (La Belle et l’Indifférent) is a philosophical tale that tries, despite its fantastic tone, to demystify the classic fairy tale.

In France, now available on Amazon.fr

In Canada, now available on the websites of Renaud Bray, Archambault, and on Amazon.ca