Blissful Rain

When most start hiding in October, the blissful rain can create a paradise on Earth. The trees start wearing their more colourful attires and the deserted tennis courts hold a strange and lonely beauty locked away behind a jealous fence.
And when two souls decide to walk the hidden path of this paradise, they discover treasures others might disregard; things a shy heart might try to conceal, unspoken words floating between the laughs and the brush of a sleeve.

Her foolish heart skipped many beats that day. The sensitivity in him was gorgeous to witness. It was a perfect afternoon; a moment in time where nothing was to chase and she could feel her heart expanding. She would try to contain it, and tame the butterflies in her stomach; maybe even conjure an albino beast to scare them away…
Something in her wanted to reach out. She would not, of course; captured by her own skin and blushing from the torment;
But the blissful rain was there to frame the picture: the perfection of the moment.

Love is a prison we cast upon ourselves but before holding hands and giddily running together towards bars, wanting nothing more but for them to set on our windows, trying to secure happiness with a lock on the door; before invoking this terrible fate, there is a magical shared moment: a moment so pure, the thought of love can be acknowledged without neither expectation nor wish but for the loved-one’s happiness. And when the only diamonds you need are droplets, gifts from Heavens, the only shine the one from your love’s smile: you have arrived.
Soon enough, if you let the chemicals fool you, you might forget that love is generous and supposed to elevate you. You “fall”, “crush” and close your heart to the one you claim to love.
If you ever find yourself wishing for the fall, please take a step back and remember forever the blissful rain that taught you how to expand your heart.