The Shadow of Midnight

Improbable Tale of the Hurt and Lost

Chapter One

The Shadow of Midnight

Once upon a time, there was a boy who, day after day, was heartbroken to find himself rejected by boys and girls alike.
But it was in the darkest part of the night that the pain of such opprobrium became unbearable and made him cry his eyes out.
As years went by, though, the little boy became a fierce young man – funny and witty, handsome and dark.
Still, deep inside of him, the little-disgraced boy lived.
He wrote and read to rest his mind, but couldn’t bring himself to slay his demons and confront the fearful lack of self-esteem women still awoke in him.
And, to the man, tainted by the boy, the light of the day still felt like the shadow of midnight and needles in his heart.
Oh but wasn’t he a fool, not to know that the boy in him should have been celebrated! As when surprise and wonder illuminated those amazing hazelnut eyes of his at the sight of a woman’s smile, he could have stolen any soul!

Chapter Two

The Dark Path

Thus, the young man went through life borrowing the appearance of nonchalance
but still wondering how any of it made sense.
For so long, he had hosted demons and beasts and let his sensible soul be governed by fear, that, at night, submerged by fatigue, he welcomed the shadow and relief of the dark.
Buried inside of himself, where numbness was invoked to the pain replace,
still the boy could not totally be silenced and sometimes reached for the surface.
And as the sun upon the man would shine from time to time, it would send his heart racing,
for he didn’t know how to handle the light.
He had questions he could not put into words and others he did not dare to ask.
On the path to himself, could he go about without knowing what so many besides him already seemed to grasp?

Chapter Three

Demons and Beasts

Feeling that whoever dealt the cards of his life had cheated him,
even changing the rules each time he was to take home a win;
The man one day woke up with a start,
thinking maybe more than getting by, life owed him a bigger part.

But still to find what the boy had been ripped of and slay the demons of his fears,
it took answers and a battle he wasn’t ready to fight with his peers.

Wishing for better, yet, seemed like calling for a fail.
Wasn’t there a voice in his head telling that exact same tale?

Still the man held in himself a courage he didn’t suspect,
and some people were there who didn’t want anything more than to help him with that prospect.

So dear reader, you ask,
what happened to that man, at times boy-like, who charmed his way into our hearts?

Did he ever find himself on the right path?
Well, the hardest part was to take the first step and set foot back into the past.

For there, were people who the keys held,
of this kingdom, he once fled.

As for us, well, we’re still waiting to hear
if he’s still fending off dragons made out of his fear;
or, when the night becomes light,
forgetting why he started the fight.

In the matter of forgiving one’s weakness,
the man should understand the boy did his best.
The lad certainly wished to be strong,
Not forgotten in a realm where feeling was considered wrong.

Thus, we wish that boy and man find a way to reconcile;
As together who couldn’t they beguile?