The Curse on Earth

Once upon a time,
There was a curse laid down on Earth. It was said that the price of evolution for Apes would be love. And so, as they evolved into humans, they became tortured with thoughts and obsessed with a never-ending quest: finding a person to complete them and keep away the loneliness of their finitude.
How cruel was their prison of flesh, incapable of the greatness and limitless possibilities inspired by their mind? The only escape was to be granted by the connection developed with others. And yet, those connections were tainted by the Humans’ vestigial animal instinct, whispering in their ears that people had to belong to one person only, fuelling jealousy and territoriality; and furthermore, hiding behind the fallacious face of rationality, arguing that those dark instincts were a mere proof of love when at times their own mind rebelled against the very idea of belonging to one person and giving up their freedom.
And no matter in which flattering light the sly and malicious Gods painted the so-called gift to humanity, most humans knew it was a curse. A fool’s errand on a path paved with destruction.
Some would search their whole life to feel the warmth poets babbled about as soon as humans learnt how to write. Some would say those were the lucky ones, as by not finding the object of their grand affection, they were spared the most painful part of the curse: finding love and slowly watching it fade away.
Others, the truly cursed ones, would one day feel they found the One, enjoying the bliss for a certain period of time but only to – after a little while – enter a daily torture of living so close to the person they thought they accepted completely and yet could not help but try to change. And as reality would slowly eat away at their reason, they suddenly could not stand to be so close, staring in the mirror of their own failure but hurting at the idea of being the apart. So, as living with the One came down to the unbearable choice of either trying to destroy him/her or let him/her go, the “cursed ones” either wished they never met their match or started looking for another one to start it all over with, feeling the burn of the curse.


Yet, as any curse, it could be broken. One only needed to look further than into the eyes of one’s match. One only needed to redefine one’s own finitude instead of trying to get lost in someone else’s; to redefine the meaning of individuality and freedom to give consciously to the one they loved. Only then, could the curse become the most precious of gifts.
But this was a painful process, as only the pain of it all was to trigger the quest to truly stepping out of the shadow of the Curse laid down on Earth.
The curse could, in this light, be the greatest of gifts but then again, maybe it was just another colour the Gods added to the mosaic of their best trick: to continue having a good laugh!